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Friday, November 2, 2007

It's Begun...

November is the month for NaNoWriMo...National Novel Writing Month. And this year I'm signed up to do it along with 90,000 other people! Talk about competition...but then again I always did love a challenge. "Look out people, coming through! Excuse me...coming through."

I started yesterday afternoon. I've written 4359 words so far. That's much better than I thought it would go for a first day.

I'm saving all my "juice" for the BIG BOOK, so this entry isn't going to be much this time around. For your entertainment and edification I'm attaching another explanations needed. Just enjoy. And watch for my book on Oprah's must read list too. I give it two years. It's going to be big...HUGE! (I'll have to start thinking about what to wear on TV...)

Dream big!

Nancy, riding and gliding

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