The horse's pasture to the East...

Thursday, October 18, 2012


We are in a full blown, mind boggling, amazing Autumn  here. All of the photos I use are just as I took them. Gorgeous, isn't it? We've had one of the worst droughts ever recorded here in Kansas this year, worse even than the Dust Bowl years my Grandparents lived through. 

You can see the pond there in the back ground. It's just a mud puddle now and I have to admit that worries me, but oh ... THE COLOR! I'm in a daze. I can't get anything done. All I do is stand out in the fields and look at the color.

I am bedazzled. We've had just enough rain to put a tiny bit of green back in to the ground. It's so thirsty, though, that none of it has run in to the ponds. One is gone, just a hole full of grass. This one is nearly gone and the last, the biggest, is still there but choked with lotus.

This was taken yesterday evening as the storms went past us, again...sigh, and the sun peaked through right on the horizon. Everything was on "fire" with color. It just doesn't look real, does it? 

How am I supposed to concentrate when the colors are like this? 

I had this story to write about the past week, working and playing with Lucky and Apache and all I can do is look at the leaves and grass.

Even the scrubby locust trees are an eye searing yellow. And the sky today is a deep, crystal clear blue, like someone squirted cobalt blue straight out of the tube. 

I'm just too boggled, to goofy with color to say anything intelligent. 

I'm going back out to stand in the field with Lucky and Apache and just groke the world. Words have failed me.