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Friday, October 26, 2007

In The Zone

If you look to the right of this posting, you'll see a link to a video for a juggler named Chris Bliss. I found this at the end of my morning, just before time to go out to give my equine family their noon time hay (I always do that if they're staying in the paddock. Spreads out the hay so it's more like grazing and keeps them from getting to boarded.)

This Chris Bliss is in the zone when he juggles. Watch how he moves with the music and never, ever drops that ball. It's mesmerizing! And it's what I call "being in the zone". I go there sometimes if a painting is doing what I want it to. It's a wonderful place to the zone. Time is irrelevant. I'm not hungry, thirsty or even aware of my surroundings. It's just me and the paint.

Watch the video...enjoy...and may you find the "zone" some time in your life too!

Nancy, celebrating artists today!

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Ryan's Gravel Adventure said...

I'm just happy to be in the Mountain time zone. Cool vids.