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Saturday, November 5, 2016

HOPE AND THE AMERICAN DREAM, or Using Your Voice and the Privilege of Living Here

I'm writing about hope here. This past year has been a horrible mish mash of corruption in American politics. The hardest part of having your eyes opened, after walking in the dark, is adjusting to the light. It hurts. And, in this case, it's taken me outside of my comfort zone, way outside. But that's OK. I learn when I'm there, in that place where I have to pay attention and do my research, collate what I find and make a decision.

I'm an Independent voter. I always have been. I don't, as a general rule, belong to any organizations. I've never identified myself based on other's expectations of who they think I am. I observe, taking in to account my surroundings, the people around me and how they interact with each other. I'm one of those people who stands back quietly and waits before I step up. I like to know where the exits are, so to speak.

In the past I've voted Republican, Democratic, and write in. Sometimes I vote more to one side than the other because I see an imbalance. A government that goes in only one direction is dangerous. 

I've been waiting for someone with true clout to step forward and make an important statement, one worth listening to. I am someone's Mom, someone's Wife, an Artist and Storyteller. I'm a daughter and sister, an aunt and Grandmother. In short, I am ordinary. I do not have the draw to get people's attention. But Dr. Pieczinek, MD and Phd does. 

I do NOT like either candidate in this election. They're both terrible people focused on one thing : themselves and power. ABSOLUTE power corrupts  absolutely. HRC and her husband are brilliant psychopaths (in my opinion) who are very good at manipulation of the media and the people who are easily hypnotized and led. They are liars, thieves and disconnected from their constituency. They could care less about American Citizens much less the USA, except as a method to attain yet more power. On a scale of one to ten, ten being highly dangerous, I put them at fifteen. 

Trump is no better. If HRC has been bought by the corporate mind, he is the corporate mind. He knows nothing about how the different sections of our government works, nothing about the Constitution and doesn't mind letting people know that. He has no viable plans to make a change much less a positive change. He still plays his role out like it's all publicity for his next reality TV show. On a scale of one to ten I put him at fifteen also. 

I hope people are paying attention to the other candidates up for office in their states. And I am holding out yet more hope, HOPE being the operative word here, that people will VOTE. Please, your voice is very important. Your vote is a powerful tool when combined with millions of other votes.

I'm not voting for either HRC or Trump. I will vote for either Sanders or Stein. Sanders insists he has dropped out (and what a shame! He was one of the few who may have been able to turn the tide of sludge washing over us) so it will be Stein for me. 

Please, take time to watch the video I've posted twice. It's that important to me and IMPORTANT FOR YOU too. It's just four minutes of your time. He makes his statement clearly. 

Make your own observations, form your own opinions and VOTE. 

I am, ever yours, Nancy, a believer in honest dreams and HOPE, smiling at you!

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