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Monday, November 14, 2016


Does it feel like the world is having a meltdown? We're all hyperventilating about the election of a wild card. People, especially celebrities, have been telling us they're going to move to another country. Some of my hyper 'liberal' friends are saying "It's the end of the World! We're all going to die!" The EU is having an emergency meeting and the UN is issuing formless warnings. 

I wish people would just get a grip. This isn't the end of the USA and it isn't the end of civilization either. The sun came up this morning. Yup. definitely out there, towards the Southeast where it always is this time of year. The electricity is on, water running and the stars are still in the sky. Life as we know it has not ended and none of us need to hold teddy bears or sit in comfort rooms eating cookies (as much fun as that is!). Really, IT IS going to be OK.

What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is the term used to described the psychological effects of being involved in a traumatic event, such as a major car accident, a natural disaster, bullying, abuse or violent crime. 
Many young people who experience very distressing events recover without experiencing PTSD - but some people do develop it.
Symptoms can include:
  • Flashbacks and nightmares
  • Avoiding reliving the event
  • Anxiety, unable to relax
  • Problems sleeping
  • Problems eating

The above is a short explanation of what PTSD is. And some of us definitely have it too. Who knows. Maybe this is the time for more people to go out and adopt dogs and cats from the shelters. Get your own 'therapy' dog and focus yourself on something in the real world. Walk your dog, groom your cat, sit on the floor and build a lego world with your children and/or grandchildren. Do your chores, clean your closets or give away something to a charity. Go serve food at a homeless shelter. Now THAT will give you a different perspective. 

This is where you tell me about depression . I know that one inside out. Been there, done that . Here's what kept me moving. I have people, two legged and four legged, who depend on me. From my perspective I have no choice. I have to get up and move. There isn't anyone to do it for me. If my house is dirty, chores need to be done or bills paid, I do it. And that includes my inner self. If I'm getting fuzzy on the inside, and disconnected, in a panic, I cry. "When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles. Scream and shout!" 

No, kidding aside, venting really does provide relief. For me, if I let the overwhelming emotions out, it's easier to get up and move. MOVE. How I wish I could get people to just move. Ever notice how the more you move the easier it is to get things done? I know there are people out there with serious, clinical depression. I've done that one too. The best advice I have for that is to reach out for help. Call a hotline, get a counselor, call a friend or family member.  And be patient with yourself. Your pain and panic won't just go away in a poof of pink smoke. You're probably sitting there with a phone in your hand. Use it to call someone and keep doing that until they or someone else picks up. 

I'm not sure that's an unusual state to be in. Everyone reading this has, at one time or another, been so down they're doing well to breath. We loose people we love and grieve. We go to work in the morning and come home in the evening with a box of stuff from our desk because we've been sacked. Maybe a spouse says they're leaving, a child is grown up and moving out, your car is sitting in the driveway, it won't start and you have the most important job interview you've ever had and you're going to miss the meeting. Maybe you're in an accident or have been physically or emotionally battered and you've lost your way. 

Without fear and pain we would have no perspective. Learning is best done outside the 'Comfort Zone'. And you wouldn't stop playing with fire if that blister didn't hurt like a son of a bitch!

 Wouldn't it be dull if life was like a vanilla pudding, smooth and bland with no lumps in it? Even amoeba have to duke it out for their existence. Adversity makes you stronger. Solving problems makes you more creative, smarter, especially if you are limited to working with what you have. You can't learn to walk if you don't try, and fall occasionally. 

Irritating aren't they? But that's the idea. They're funny and kind of like a bad rash at the same time. Hanz and Franz were always a guilty laugh for me. There was something mean about the sketches they did on SNL. But in between the laughing and snickering, I always began to feel better. I began to breath. It was another way for me to release the pressure that builds up when I've hit maximum stress levels. I'm looking at it this way. Comedians are going to have a hay day! Bad politics makes for great comedy and Americans do have a great sense of humor. 

So, instead of crying and panicking, packing up and heading for the woods to live in your Uncle's cabin that no one knows about, laugh! Turn and face your panic square on and let it roll through you. Do your own approach and retreat, staying closer to whatever it is that's frightening you for just a few minutes longer. And keep trying. I know it seems like I say this a lot, but never give up. Keep picking yourself up, knocking the dust off your jeans and putting your game face on. You're worth it. The World needs you!

I'm posting a hotline number for you folks who are in a world of hurt and beyond my musings here. Please, please ask for help. There are a lot of nice people out there who are willing to help.



TEXT “GO” TO 741741


 Their website address is :   So you can look them up and make sure they're the real deal.

Hotlines. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, are in danger, or are feeling suicidal, call 911 immediately. Suicide Hotline: 800-784-2433. Immediate Medical Assistance: 911. Crisis Call Center: 800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to 839863.
And if you live in my area : Headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas

Get Help

If you need help right now, you can reach our center 24/7 every day at 785-841-2345. We answer calls for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in Kansas at 800-273-8255 (TALK). Our trained volunteer counselors are standing by to listen. 
We also offer online emotional chat support Tuesday-Saturday, 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.
If you're viewing our site via mobile, you can click the emergency links above to immediatley access our services.
I am, ever yours, Nancy, who keeps trying too, smiling because I can!

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