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Monday, February 22, 2016


Well, bummer, I didn't win my ranch. I was in the top ten entries out of 3700 people but they canceled the contest. Not enough entrants (they needed 5000) to make it worth their while. That close! I was that close. 

Sometimes it's like that. Whatever I'm working on is a near miss, close to the top but not quite there, almost in the pocket and it bounces off the rim. Just about finished and I loose the original draft or five pages from the middle. 

I can't decide whether to feel like this (Put your finger on your lips and make a buh...buh...buh sound!) feel like I've bitten in to more than I thought I could handle.
I admit I had a mini melt down about it. DANG! I really thought I had it in the bag this time. I was going to save the day, walk in to a turn key ranch with a rental house for extra income, barn, arena, studio/shop with running water, electricity and even a bathroom. I came that close to heaven. And the last shot from center court with the buzzer going off bounced off the rim ... again. 

I think I've got those February Blues, the middle of Winter Blahs, the Phooey Balooey Crud, the Grey Sky Doldrums. 

Kind of hard to keep my perspective when I get such a huge near miss. Sometimes I just want the "giant Mommy" to bring me cookies and milk and say, " There, there. It's going to be OK. You can try again. You really were that close. Not your fault the contest was canceled. Now eat your cookies, brush your hands off and get busy. Time is a wasting. " 

Maybe all I need is a change of perspective, or maybe a friend to stop by and listen while I talk it out. 

Or maybe just someone to chew on for a while. Oh well. No worries.

Life is ...

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