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Friday, March 27, 2015


March 27,2015

I'm back and in the running again. I've been without a computer for two years. iPhones and iPads are a nice interim but have their limitations when it comes to writing a blog, at least for this slightly tech challenged artist. 

Have to say my thank you's first to Ryan, Ben and Lauren for getting me set up with all Apple products. Mucho gracias you three! I have no idea where all of this will take me but know where I want to go. How's that for vague? 

This first entry is going to be an experiment. New operating system, new language. And switching to a qwerty from a texting style is going to be interesting too. Been a while since I've actually typed. My form is a bit sloppy. 

Over the past two years I've changed course a couple of times. Originally I had planned to help set up and get some clinic/retreats going with a friend. We were going to combine equine and art therapy, of a sort. 

Neither of us is actually qualified to do either. Petra is  skilled in horsemanship as an instructor. I'm good with horses on the ground and a so so rider. 

I am an artist by trade. I've been a professional illustrator, gallery artist and gallery owner and curator, interior designer, muralist, teacher and story teller and photographer. My only claim to fame as an art therapist are informal sessions I've had here at home with friends and by myself while going through a slump or two.

We did do a one trial one day clinic in KC. It worked too. It was based on research that I did over the past two years on right brain/left brain function and the five senses, intuitive thinking and behavioral patterns. We had a fantastic time with six brave souls who were willing to participate. My ideas were definitely taking us in the right direction, literally, through a series of playful exercises using art, movement, story telling and interaction with horses on the ground. 

The process of setting these clinics up would have involved a great deal of expense, more overhead than I had to give to the project. And it would have meant a lot of travel time, something I am not willing to do at this stage in my life without knowing that I am more than breaking even. The idea, for me, is to eliminate debt and not to create it. 

After some number crunching and soul searching, listening to my inner voice (which had been yelling at me) I withdrew from the project. If I do decide to continue with my ideas further down the line it will be on my own. But for now it just isn't a feasible direction for me. 

However, I am not without ideas. During those two years of practice and research I began to work on a project I've wanted to complete for thirty years. I am going to pursue my Masters Fine Art. It won't be official. There will be no letters or numbers after my name, no records at a University. The cost for that would be prohibitive. Instead I am going to use my acquired skills over my lifetime as an artist, business owner and curator, teacher to do my own Master's show. It will probably take two years to complete as there are technical mountains to climb but that's about the time it takes to complete a Master's at University too. 

I'm going to use the previous two years of ideas and research to put my own show together. I'll keep a running dialog on the process here, as well as a second story line on my horsemanship. The two link together because this place we live in and the herd we live with are my muses. Whenever I'm stuck as an artist and story teller my horses ground me, inspire me and give me the dreams I need to go forward again.

And when I begin to get stuck in my horsemanship I'll draw out my worries, solve my issues and face my challenges on paper with paint, markers and pastels. 

I am writing the next chapter of my life here, in my studio and in my pasture and barn. 

This ought to be interesting! 

I am, ever yours, Nancy, smiling and back on track


Red Horse Coaching said...

Nancy, if you feel you are not qualified, thats fine. However, I need you to take my name of your blog. I have been coaching humans for almost 3 decades on how to teach horses to be a safe partner AND gain valuable life skills in the process,. As a certified Insight Inventory Coach by Dr. Patrick Handley I am well qualified to give people further insights on how to become the best me they can possibly be.
Please, leave me out of your posts. Its totally fine that you are changing your journey, just leave me out of it.

Nancy, smiling! said...

I stand corrected. Your name is removed. My apologies.