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Thursday, August 22, 2013


The Road Home...
" Off the grid." I hear that all the time. Old hippy friends say it. Disgruntled younger artist friends say it. " I want to get off the grid." I get that. Sometimes I think like that too. I can be a very contented Introvert. I'm easy with being by myself. It rests my head, allows me to breath deeper.

I read a description this week, of an Introvert. It was one of those slightly wacky articles that floated past me on Facebook. In it the author gives 22 good reasons for being an Introvert, how it makes you a healthier person when you admit you're an Introvert. Well, I never had any problem with that. Didn't need anyone to prove it to me. But I did find some of the things listed interesting, and surprisingly accurate too.

Introverts tend to have low blood pressure. Yup. Spot on with that one. Mine is so low there's a note on the file at my MD's office telling whomever is reading it that I'm not in shock. That's my normal blood pressure. 

I don't mind it at all when people say, " Hey, Nancy. Where are you dear? You look like you're a million miles away." And they're nearly always right. In my head, I am as far away as possible. 

This week I'm not quite off the grid, but I am alone. John is off the grid, literally, with Ryan (oldest son), kayaking down rivers and sleeping on sandbars . They're Introverts too, both of them. I love to think about them off on their own, quietly working through rapids, touching off banks, watching the world float by.

It's just me and the herd this week. We're playing Small Games, putting principals to purpose. " Coming through guys. Please step back three steps. Thank you! Well done." and on down the fence line I go, straightening up hay bags and picking up grain bowls when everyone is finished. Then we pick up hooves, sometimes with them moving from one side to the other. And sometimes I pick them from one side, just to see if I can still do it.

Course, Apache, trickster horse, loves that game. He starts picking up whatever hoof he wants to. " OH, you want the left front? How about I make that the Right Back? No? Right Front?" Yeah, we laugh a lot around here. 

The point is that I like having this week to myself, to think, nap, play with a herd, garden some more, nap and back to think again. So, who's really off the grid here? Me or them (them being the rest of the world). Maybe we're all off the grid and the only connection is through this BLOG and the AC I turned on for Miniver, the biggest dog in the world.

 You can tell, from the way this story goes, that I'm drifting here, hanging ten. Guess I'm off the grid too. 

Life is. 

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