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Friday, March 30, 2012


I love it when a plan comes together!

Success is all a matter of perspective. It's how you decide to look at the world.

Wednesday night I decided that Thursday was going to be an experiment. No matter what happened I was going to look at it ALL as a success.

If this were a movie everyone in the audience would be sitting there groaning, knowing that something was going to happen...kind of like the extra crewman in Star Trek that always got killed or turned into a zombie. But if Thursday was an experiment then I was going to control all of the parameters of how it was set up and that included making my own movie. The worst case scenario was that it would be a comedy. And I'm good at laughing, especially at myself. 

I started the day playing with Lucky and Apache in their field, at Liberty. I kept it easy. I played some long distance Stick To Me. I wanted to restart all of us working as a team. When we play at Liberty, it really does make it partly their decision to participate. Good way to build my draw too. 

It took ten minutes to get Apache's attention enough to draw him to me. No surprise there. He loves to play, classic LBE. He came to me and we did some tiny Circles and lots of Friendly game. 

Lucky took a bit longer. He loves his grass and everything out there is emerald green. I worked on keeping my signals to him very subtle with lots of breathing away any tension on my part. When he did turn towards me, or step in my direction, I took all the pressure off. And, son of a gun! worked! He came to me soft and easy as you please.

My game with him was Touch It with the nearest fence post. He loves Touch It. He walked to it, touched it, looked over his shoulder and said "This one?" Yes! He came to me, got his carrot, a whole lot of Friendly loving and I called it quits. I'm working for tomorrow.

The best part was when I walked in and they followed me back to their paddock, knowing that I was going to close the gate on all that grass. Woohoo! Good start to the day...

So far, so good. My foundation felt rock solid. On to the next thing. Barn clean... check! Weeds sprayed with vinegar (an experiment. We'll see if it works.)...check! Kitchen cleaned top to bottom...check! Super secret project worked on and problem solved (that was driving me bat sh@t looney!)...CHECK! That was a big one.

ANTS! Lines of ants walking across my kitchen floor, my nice spotless kitchen floor. Sigh...happens every Spring when it rains. I thought I was ahead of them this year by making sure there were no dirty dishes on the counter or open boxes of crackers in the cabinet. 

What to do...what to do. So, I leaned down, got up close and personal and said " You've got about five minutes to make an exit because I'm going downstairs to get the Windex and you're all going to die! Now GIT!" And off down the stairs I went to get the Windex that I'd left under the counter in the downstairs bathroom. Up the stairs, banging all the way since my nearly perfect day wasn't as perfect as I thought it was going to be. I marched across the kitchen, determined to see this in some kind of positive light since I'd just spent hours cleaning, trying to get ahead of the Annual Spring Time March, and THEY WERE GONE! Every single ant was gone.

So, maybe these were English speaking ants? Something changed their mega mind and they all went back to where they came from. Energy is a magical thing, isn't it? 

I sat down at the table to think about that one. I love it when life gives me a mystery and this one was a doozy, in my little world. I've read about things like that happening before, but I've never been a part of it. Maybe there IS something to the idea of changing your perspective and really, REALLY thinking positive. There couldn't have been any better solution for the March of the Ants. I didn't have to kill anything! I knew that breaking my arm had changed the way I communicate with my horses...but ants? 

I was still sitting there, thinking, when John came home with my all time favorite junk food, one of the few I still allow myself to eat these days. He had a Papa Murphy's Vegie Delite pizza! I'd been thinking about how nice it would be not to have to mess up my super clean kitchen for dinner, how good some comfort food would be and in he comes with a pizza! (and it isn't even pay day!)


I am, ever yours, Nancy, contemplating my navel in wonder!

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