The horse's pasture to the East...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You can see that I've changed my banner image. I thought maybe it was time I began to show my "other" side. I'm working on a series of pastels done from the horse's point of view...or what I imagine their point of view to be. Ever so often I'll include one in my BLOG just for the fun of it.

I've also put a followers list up...all of one, thank you very much! And proud of it too!...for you to include yourself on if you are so inclined. I have no idea how it works, so I'm hoping you'll be more tech savvy than I am.  * REALLY BIG CHEESY GRIN HERE * In return I'm going back to some of the BLOG's I read and try to figure out how to do the same...list myself as their follower.

I know that for me it really helps when I have an idea of who my audience is. I'm better at telling stories in person than I am when I write. As I find out who all of you are (checked my stats...more than a thousand hits now! I know someone's reading. Way cool!) it will be easier for me to imagine sitting with you at a table while we "talk", maybe having a late afternoon brunch.

So I'm hoping you'll be willing to stick your nose into my business, give me some feedback and critical reviews of what I'm writing about. Or even leave your opinion of my visual images, painted or photos. We love noses around here, especially big, soft, velvety, sweet smelling noses. The more the merrier!

You can see we're a pretty friendly lot . I'd love to be able to follow you back to your BLOG too, so be sure to let me know if you have one. With that thought in mind, I leave you with our herd leader, Lucky. He's a capable fellow who'd be happy to "show" you around.

I am, ever yours, Nancy...happy to see you!


Janine said...

Love the paintings! Anything new with Houston?

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, Nancy!

Nancy, smiling! said...

Hi Janine! I haven't been over to see him recently. His person still says she wants me to help her in the Spring, when the weather gets better. She has pretty severe arthritis (a real shame because she's not even as old as me)so the weather during the cold months slows her way down.
Last time I saw him, he was pretty lonely. I'm really looking forward to working with him! He's a great little horse. Love his horsenality. Seemed LBI to me, but it's hard to tell since I haven't really worked with him much.
Tracy...THANK YOU! that means a LOT coming from you. Love your work too!
I'm glad you both posted to me. I love doing this!
Nancy, smiling at you both from OZ

Janine said...

Cool, thanks for the update Nancy! I will be interested to see what Houston says to you again someday, LOL. Stay warm!