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Saturday, August 25, 2007

In the beginning...

This is it. John led me here, so it's his fault if you get bored. (Always got to blame someone else for my short comings.)

I could do one of those "This is the first day of the rest of my life" things here, but I don't do cute. However, it is the first entry. I cannot tell a lie (or at least I can't tell any BIG lies. I"m pretty good at the little ones.)

I was born in Missouri, the Show ME state more years ago than I want to publicly admit to. I have the usual number of parents, but I'm an orphan now. (There's the sad element of the story.) And I have two brothers who have families, so I'm officially an Aunt (pronounced the East Coast way...Ont) to 10 nieces and nephews.

I'm also a Mom to 2 sons, both officially launched into their own orbits, and 2 horses and a donkey. I have lots of little boggies too...4 cats and 3 dogs. But no Grandchildren ... yet. And I'm still married to the same guy I met 37 years ago! Not too shabby as far as lifetime achievements go.

I'm an artist, horsewoman, a master gardener, and a sometimes writer. Along the way I've earned a diploma or two, illustrated 4 books, designed the interiors of a few houses, painted a few pictures, planted several gardens and pulled alot of weeds!

I take chances...lots of chances. I'm impulsive, hit my head on the wall ever so often and, occasionally, I learn from it too.

If you're here, reading this, I hope you enjoy the ride. It's going to be alot like the road I live on ; bumpy (love gravel roads and blue highways), twisting and up and down when you least expect it. Folks, I'm off the beaten track and have no plans for returning to normalcy.

Question authority! And never say die.

The adventure begins...


KansasBashkir said...

Good show! Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you.

Ryan's Gravel Adventure said...

I wonder what horses think of bears.